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Article: Natural Relief from Holiday Stress

Natural Relief from Holiday Stress

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, this means a near-constant state of motion from now until January 1st. Layered on top of the fun and excitement that holiday activities bring can also be an unfortunate amount of stress and anxiety.

Holiday stress and anxiety can be caused by many things, including overloaded schedules.  But it can be triggered by other factors as well.  Financial challenges, inflated expectations, lack of emotional support, poor quality sleep and even dietary changes can all add to the distress often felt around the holidays.

In fact:

The American Psychological Association (APA)'s 2011 Stress in America survey found that 22 percent of Americans report an extreme level of stress during the holiday season.


Thankfully, there are simple, natural ways to combat holiday stress and anxiety:

  • Get up and exercise -- Regular aerobic activity actually leads to an increase in energy
  • Get outdoors -- Sunlight stimulates production of seratonin which can help relieve symptoms of depression.
  • Eat a balanced diet -- Plan holiday party indulgences ahead of time, and keep junk food out of the house and office.
  • Stick to a budget -- Financial worries can wreak havoc on holiday fun.
  • Get adequate sleep -- Even short-term sleep deficits can affect both mood and energy level.
  • Make time for yourself -- Learn to say "no" to some activities so you have time to relax and enjoy the season.
  • Set realistic expectations -- Focus on the joy of the moment, rather than on achieving perfection.


Alone, and when combined with the previously-mentioned self-care measures, Ascents' clinically-backed essential oil blends offer natural relief during this stressful time of year:

  • Calm No. 34: A soothing blend that provides relief from holiday anxiety and stress.
  • Energize No. 17:  A revitalizing blend that provides a natural boost of energy for holiday activities.
  • Sleep No. 91: A dreamy blend that helps prevent sleepless nights and insomnia caused by busy days and late evenings.
  • Curb No. 23: A natural appetite suppressant that calms cravings and helps prevent holiday overindulgence.


Ascents' scientifically-formulated clinical aromatherapy blends are conveniently packaged in compact, easy-to-use personal diffuser sachets, making it simple to keep natural relief close at hand -- in the house, car, office or in a briefcase or handbag.

Watch how effortless Ascents personal aromatherapy sachets are to use anytime, anywhere, for natural management of holiday stress and anxiety; or purchase Ascents clinical aromatherapy products now.

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