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Pain Management No.57

Ease your pain.

Effective comfort and natural pain relief.

A carefully crafted blend designed to address discomfort naturally. Lavender essential oil, backed by clinical studies for its soothing properties, takes center stage in alleviating pain. This formula is skillfully combined with other powerful pain-relief essences, including the calming notes of rose, the grounding effects of frankincense, and the comforting properties of angelica root. Ascents Pain Management No.57 provides a holistic solution for those seeking natural comfort, making it an ideal choice for individuals dealing with daily discomfort or those in need of relief in various settings.


Understanding the Synergistic Action of Rose and Lavender in Pain Management

Lavender essential oil, a well-researched remedy, takes the lead with its known soothing effects. The organic compounds within lavender, such as linalool, are believed to impact human physiology, offering comfort from discomfort. Additionally, rose essential oil contributes to the formula with its calming properties, while frankincense adds a grounding element. Angelica root, known for its comforting effects, enhances the overall pain-relief experience. The limbic system, particularly the amygdala and hippocampus, is believed to be influenced by the inhalation of these essential oils. Ascents Pain Management No.57 provides a natural and holistic solution for those seeking relief from discomfort.

Soothes discomfort naturally

Promotes relaxation and comfort

Eases tension and soreness

Supports natural pain management

My husband feels that the Ascents Pain Management No. 57 personal inhaler he’s been using to focus on his knee pain REALLY WORKS!

He had a total knee replacement 2 weeks ago, and using those inhalers has enabled him to sleep quality hours without any pain or aches in the knee.


Nontoxic & Chemical Free

All Ascents formulations are free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals

Farm-to-bottle Traceability

Every step is meticulously monitored for unparalleled product purity and quality

100% Pure & Natural

Ascents is made with a proprietary 100% pure essential oil formula and contain no fillers

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