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Calm No.34

Calm your soul.

Relieve your stress & anxiety.

Experience tranquility and stress relief with Ascents Calm No.34 formula, a carefully crafted blend of essential oils designed to promote relaxation and a sense of calm. Ascents Calm No.34 is a perfect choice for those seeking a natural approach to alleviate stress and to create a peaceful environment. Ideal for use at home or in various settings, it provides a holistic solution for anyone desiring a moment of tranquility in their busy lives.


A meticulously crafted formula that harmoniously blends an ensemble of calming properties

Lavender, enriched with compounds like linalool, engages with the amygdala and hippocampus, key players in emotional regulation, offering a profound impact on stress relief. Complementing this star ingredient, orange contributes its uplifting aroma, while juniper berry brings its grounding and balancing qualities. Patchouli, renowned for its soothing effects, further enriches the blend, and ylang-ylang adds a touch of floral sweetness. Together, these carefully chosen ingredients create a synergistic effect, promoting relaxation and emotional balance.

Soothes stress and tension

Calm No.34

Calms restless thoughts

Calm No.34

Eases anxious feelings

Calm No.34

Enhances mental tranquility

Calm No.34

I absolutely love this product. I have the calm and I look forward to getting into bed at night. I put it on my pillow so I can smell it and I’m relaxed in no time!! LOVE IT!!


We have been a client of Ascents for years. Our patients loved the scent. We keep them in our waiting room and in our operatories.


I use this in my teenage daughter's room. She notices a difference and, while we also use Focus for homework and study, this one helps to keep things on a really nice note. Teens feel a lot of stress and have so much anxiety these days that it is nice to have a clean, safe alternative to managing life.


I really like this set up for my busy dental office. No one needs to be in charge of remembering to clean and fill the diffuser. This is automatic and the auto shipping of the refills takes no effort at all. My patients all comment on the pleasant aroma and it really is helpful with calmIng and soothing.


Nontoxic & Chemical Free

All Ascents formulations are free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals

Farm-to-bottle Traceability

Every step is meticulously monitored for unparalleled product purity and quality

100% Pure & Natural

Ascents is made with a proprietary 100% pure essential oil formula and contain no fillers

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