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Sleep No.91

Improve your sleep.

Promotes a restful night’s sleep.

Insomnia relief via aromatherapy begins with lavender essential oil, shown in clinical studies to help alleviate sleeplessness. It is then skillfully combined with other scientifically-recognized, sleep-enhancing essences of marjoram, tangerine and ylang-ylang to promote a restful night’s sleep. This makes Sleep No. 91 a favorite of nurses for use in elder and memory care facilities, as well as parents seeking better sleep at home for themselves or their children.


The active ingredients in Sleep No. 91 are treatments for the prevention of restlessness and insomnia. 

Lavender aromatherapy in particular is thought to work due to the effect of the organic compounds that comprise the oil -- such as linalool -- on human physiology. In fact, It is believed that the amygdala and hippocampus (the parts of the brain’s limbic system that control emotions and emotional behavior, including the sleep response) are most affected by inhaled lavender; this makes Sleep No. 91 an ideal therapy for those suffering from sleeplessness or frequent night awakenings.

Fall asleep faster

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Longer sleep duration

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Get back to sleep quicker after waking

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Increase daytime productivity

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Help control body weight

I am a woman 66 years of age and wake up often during the night...I keep a Sleep Ascents at my bedside. It is very convenient to use and it works. It helps me fall back asleep gently, and there are no undesirable side effects.


Nontoxic & Chemical Free

All Ascents formulations are free from parabens, sulfates, and other harmful chemicals

Farm-to-bottle Traceability

Every step is meticulously monitored for unparalleled product purity and quality

100% Pure & Natural

Ascents is made with a proprietary 100% pure essential oil formula and contain no fillers

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