Aromatherapy Diffuser + Essential Oil Gel Starter Systems



The Ascents® System features the clean, modern design of the Ascents® Diffuser. When used in concert with our Ascents® Gels -- formulated from 100% pure essential oils -- it enhances the environment of spaces up to 600 feet.

Each set contains:

1 Ascents® Gel Diffuser with ambient scenting technology + 1 all-natural, essential oil-based Ascents® Gel designed to last 30+ days.

The Ascents® diffuser was designed to withstand the rigors of clinical and commercial environments but is appropriate for home use.

The Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy System requires no water or heat in order to initiate diffusion; therefore, the process does not alter the delicate, therapeutic compounds contained in our scientifically formulated blends in any way. This cold diffusion delivery method ensures that the active organic compounds found within the oils maintain their full therapeutic value.

It produces no smoke or ozone, resulting in an exceptionally clean diffusion.

Download the Ascents Diffuser manual.