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Article: Ascents® and Trauma Therapy

Ascents® and Trauma Therapy

Ascents® have been exceedingly helpful with clients suffering from PTSD symptoms, such as, lack of concentration, anxiety, sleep difficulties and depressive symptoms.


As a trauma therapist and wellness advocate, I have offered the Aeroscena® aromatherapy packs targeting specific symptoms and have had very favorable feedback from clients on numerous occasions. The ability to engage and soothe the senses with trauma survivors is paramount in trauma focused clinical work.  Aeroscena® can provide a powerful and immediate connection to the present moment, and can be a gateway for emotional regulation all in a few compressions of the Aeroscena® pack!!  This same experience holds true for clinicians for whom compassion fatigue is an occupational hazard.


Ascents® aromatherapy packs are in my toolikit of ‘good medicine’ options that my clients use to regain a sense of power, focus and calm. And as for me, Ascents® Focus and Energy are always available in my car and on my desk,  to gear me up and bring me centered to the day ahead of me.

Thanks for such an amazing product!


Claire Campbell PCC-S, ATR, NCC

Trauma Therapist/ Wellness Advocate

Cleveland Rape Crisis Center


Owner, Founder Artist, Art Therapist


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