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Article: Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy

Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy

There often seems to be a cloud of mystery hanging around the word "aromatherapy." It's a cloud tinged with traces of new age beliefs. While it's true aromatherapy is part of a long tradition of natural healing and alternative medicine, clinical aromatherapy has come a long way from its ancient roots. 
How does Ascents clinical aromatherapy work?
Scientifically speaking, noses are chock-full of sensory neurons.  They collect data -- scents -- and send them to olfactory receptors in the brain to be processed into scent signals. These signals then travel to the parts of the brain that process emotions, and then to the areas involved in cognitive processing and decision making. 

In plainer language, when we are exposed to different scents or smells, our emotions are triggered, and a physical reaction occurs. Ascents® clinical aromatherapy sachets consist of scents scientifically formulated to activate specific receptors in the brain, thereby eliciting positive psychological and physiological responses.
How is Ascents® clinical aromatherapy different from common aromatherapy?


  • Ascents® personal diffuser sachets utilize natural essential oils -- not artificial fragrance oils. 
  • Ascents® essential oil blends are formulated using the results of scientific research. Not folklore.
  • All therapeutic-grade essential oils used in Ascents® clinical aromatherapy blends are rigorously tested for purity.
  • Ascents® blends are not simply "nice smelling" -- they are of measurable therapeutic benefit to real health problems such as insomnia, anxiety and attention deficits.
  • Ascents® essential oil sachets are used by licensed medical professionals. 
  • Ascents® clinical aromatherapy blends are clinically backed and used in hospitals. In fact, Ascents® is the first aromatherapy product to be approved for reimbursement by a health insurance company.
  • Ascents® personal diffusers can be used anywhere, anytime. 


The Ascents® mission is to give individuals control over their well-being, naturally, by providing a symptomatic treatment option that is not just effective, but are also affordable, portable and eco-friendly.  Want to purchase Ascents® or find out more?  Visit


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