Nausea Relief Aromatherapy Patch

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Ascents aromatherapy patches for nausea, vomiting & morning sickness utilize a patch-style application to diffuse our evidence-backed anti-nausea essential oil blend for up to 8 hours. Single-use “stickers” are MRI-safe and enable the safe and simple use of essential oils in clinical settings.  

"I just wanted to thank you for the nausea relief aromatherapy. I have had severe nausea during this pregnancy and this certainly made a difference!"
-- Caroll N. Vazquez-Colon, MD
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology and Pediatrics; Children's National Medical Center, D.C.

For use on clean, dry skin or disposable gowns/bibs. Do not place on or under clothing as oils/adhesive may stain.

Features & Benefits of Ascents Essential Oil-Based Aromatherapy Patches

  • Non-metallic; safe for use in MRIs/imaging machines

  • Help alleviate queasiness related to PONV (post-operative nausea & vomiting), CINV (chemotherapy-induced nausea & vomiting) and pregnancy-based emesis without drugs

  • Do not interact with medications

  • Easy-to-use, peel-and-stick, aroma patch format

  • Essential oils of ginger, cardamom, spearmint & fennel 

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