Treatments for Insomnia

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Insomnia is a disorder that affects an individual’s quantity and quality of sleep.  Those with sleep disorders frequently have trouble falling and/or staying asleep.  Although every person is unique and requires a different amount of sleep in order to function optimally, most adults still need between seven and eight hours to live their best and healthiest lives.   

Insomnia is a complicated medical condition as its causes are many and varied. As such, treatment options for insomnia cover a wide range of different modalities, from psychotherapy to pharmaceuticals.  Natural treatments for insomnia are generally utilized first, and include making lifestyle changes and modifying behaviors in order to create opportunities and environments for better quality sleep to occur.  

Natural treatments for insomnia are favored by most, even within the medical community, as sleeping pills and other drug therapies can have considerable drawbacks. Pharmaceutical treatment of insomnia can cause an increase in sleep disturbances, sleep walking or other unusual sleep behaviors, morning “hangovers,” daytime drowsiness and lethargy and even dependence on the drugs themselves.  

Clinical Aromatherapy is a natural, scientifically-proven inhalation therapy for the symptoms of sleep disorders.  Ascents® Sleep No. 91 was formulated to be an effective, affordable and non-addictive remedy for insomnia and related conditions.  Sleep No. 91 can be safely used as an adjunct therapy, along with cognitive-behavioral therapies and lifestyle modifications for those experiencing moderate to severe sleep disorders, or as a stand-alone treatment for those whose insomnia is infrequent but still bothersome.  

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