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Article: New Year's Resolutions + Wellness

New Year's Resolutions + Wellness

The New Year hasn’t yet dawned, and still advertisements, commercials and websites are shouting in bold, capital letters about New Year, New You -- in other words, New Year's health resolutions.  But the truth about wellness is that it requires year-round dedication, and the most effective changes are often less sweeping and more manageable.  

Yes, that’s right. Manageable.  

A goal to diet and lose 50 pounds, if needed, can be an excellent way to achieve better health; but in reality, unless that 50 pounds is whittled down in manageable bits, and attended to daily, it will likely never be met.

The desire to slow down and live a less stressful life needs to be acted upon each day, not just on January 1st.

Resolving to exercise more is one of the most positive changes that can be made for greater wellness and quality of life.  However, exercise requires time to become a regular habit.  Setting a goal to exercise two days a week is better than setting one of six and then “failing” miserably.

Making changes slowly, and sticking to those changes consistently, is the key to improving health in the long run.  Having the support of others can also make a big difference in whether or not goals and resolutions are met.

Besides making manageable changes for the long term and having adequate social support to help make those changes into habits, there are other ways to assist in sticking to new routines.  Clinical aromatherapy is an effective, natural support for those hoping to stick to New Year’s health and wellness resolutions for a lifetime.

Utilizing clinical aromatherapy in this manner may sound unconventional, but in reality, clinical aromatherapy has been scientifically studied and is backed by hospitals.

The Ascents® line of specifically-formulated, 100% natural essential oil blends can assist in making health and wellness a priority that lasts beyond January 31st.

For instance, Ascents® Curb No. 23 calms cravings and keeps snacking to a minimum when following a weight loss program; Calm No. 34 delivers fast, effective relief from stress and anxiety; and Energize No. 17 supplies a boost of motivating energy to assist in powering through even the toughest workouts.

To get on the path to better health in 2014 by purchasing Ascents® clinical aromatherapy blends, or for more information about how Ascents® effectively contributes to individual wellness goals, visit

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