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Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy Research by Aeroscena®

Clinical Aromatherapy Research

A major American cancer treatment center found that Ascents®-brand clinical aromatherapy decreased anxiety and nausea in chemotherapy infusion patients.

The cancer center utilized Ascents inhaler sachets across three infusion centers in order to study the efficacy of clinical aromatherapy on patientnausea and anxiety during chemotherapy treatment. 

The use of Ascents inhalers resulted in a 50% reduction in symptoms of nausea and anxiety on average, with some achieving as much as 80% relief

These levels of symptom reduction were maintained over the 5-month course of chemotherapy treatment across all three infusion centers. 

This study demonstrates the positive effects of two Ascents® clinical aromatherapy formulas -- Nausea Relief No. 44 and Calm No. 34-- on chemotherapy-induced nausea and anxiety, respectively, in patients requiring supportive care measures.

Nebraska Children's Hospital (Omaha) found Ascents®-clinical aromatherapy effective in alleviating nausea, pain, and anxiety in palliative and supportive care patients.

Research performed by Nebraska Children's Hospital (Omaha) and published by Cambridge University Press' journal Palliative and Supportive Care utilized Ascents inhalers to examine the impact of aromatherapy on symptoms of nausea, pain, and anxiety for pediatric patients receiving palliative care consultations. 

The study found that Ascents aromatherapy represented an effective, implementable supportive care intervention for symptom burden including nausea, pain and anxiety, with symptom improvement remaining even when measured at 60 minutes post-treatment. 

This study demonstrates the positive effects of three Ascents® clinicalaromatherapy formulas -- Nausea Relief No. 44, Calm No. 34, and Focus No. 04 -- on nausea, anxiety, and pain, respectively, in patients requiring supportive care measures.*

*Weaver M.S., Robinson J., Wichman C. Aromatherapy improves nausea, pain, and mood for patients receiving pediatric palliative care symptom-based consults: A pilot design trial. Palliat Support Care. 2019 Aug 19;17(4):1–6.

Ascents® decreased postoperative nausea and vomiting (PONV) in pediatric patients at Children's National (Washington, D.C).

A randomized, single-blinded designwas used. Included patients underwent surgery including general anesthesia, both with and without regional anesthesia. They were then randomized to be exposed to Ascents' Nausea Relief formula or placebo (oil with no aromatherapy properties).

The average BARF scores were 0.55 in the placebo group and 0.22 in the treatment group. Overall, a trend of decreased PONV in pediatric patients given Ascents Nausea Relief aromatherapy formula inhalers was found.

This study demonstrates the positive effects of Ascents Nausea Relief No. 44 on PONV. The paper was accepted for and presented at Children's National Medical Center's Research Week in 2019.

Research in progress utilizing Ascents® formulas:

Maternal and Pediatric Health 

Morning Sickness Associated with Pregnancy

Children’s Tantrum Mitigation

Palliative & Supportive Care 

Mood, Nausea & Pain

Nausea & Anxiety

Virtual Reality Art Therapy 

Pain Management 

Post-Knee Replacement Surgery Pain Management


Anxiety Reduction in Waiting Rooms

Anxiety Reduction During Venipuncture

Acceptance of and demand for clinically-proven aromatherapy solutions in healthcare environments continues to grow at a remarkable pace.

Aeroscena has committed to furthering this trend by developing strong, collaborative relationships with research partners, medical institutions, and healthcare providers to continue to pave the way for important clinical aromatherapy research.