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The Science of Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy

Recommended by Doctors, Used by Hospitals®

Ascents® clinical aromatherapy formulas are created by health care and aromatherapy experts, then tested and used by many of the world’s leading medical institutions.  We work to develop research-based therapeutic scent blends that are economical, simple and safe to use.  By applying a rigorous science-based approach to aromatherapy, we assist those experiencing distressing medical symptoms such as anxiety, insomnia, lethargy and attention deficits to live their healthiest lives.

Clinical Standards

We carefully source our essential oils from trusted producers. These clinical-grade single oils are then blended together to create Ascents’ proprietary aromatherapy formulas, then packaged for diffusion as personal nasal inhaler sachets, Ascents Gels, Ascents aromatherapy tabs, or Ascents liquid oils.

Scent with Intent™

ascents™ by Aeroscena®

Ascents formulas consist of scientifically-formulated essential oil blends developed to activate specific biochemical responses in the brain.  Originally designed for use in healthcare settings, Ascents formulas are packaged for diffusion in uniform, consistent delivery systems in strictly-controlled manufacturing settings. Simple to use as well as economical, Ascents offers a safe, hygienic, innovative way to experience the wellness benefits of inhalation therapy.

About Aeroscena® LLC

Aeroscena® LLC

Aeroscena® LLC, the parent company of Ascents®, was founded in 2010 with the mission of making aromatherapy a viable treatment in clinical environments.

Generations of folklore and anecdotal evidence have made aromatherapy popular among millions of people around the world. Despite its popularly cited effectiveness, aromatherapy has been historically regulated as a cosmetic and thus has received very little attention by the establishment research and medical community. In fact, very little is known about our vast and complex olfactory system.

​Aeroscena is changing this paradigm. We have drawn upon the most credible research available to construct essential oil blends for inhalation. These blends, available for use by professionals and consumers, make no medical claims, as required by the FDA. However, we are actively conducting pilots and clinical trials to be the first company to commercialize essential oil inhalation products as a drug, and its right to make specific medical efficacy claims.

Why aromatherapy? We like it because it can do no harm. Our oils are steam distilled, removing the proteins and rendering them completely non-allergenic. They do not pass the blood-brain barrier, and so can not enter the bloodstream. Inhalation is nearly instantaneous, something our nausea relief customers understand, because of its direct connection to the brain.