Energize No. 17 Clinical Aromatherapy Diffuser + Essential Oil Gel

Energize No. 17 Clinical Aromatherapy Diffuser + Essential Oil Gel


Available in four additional clinical formulas: Sleep No. 91, Focus No. 04Calm No. 34 and Fresh No. 11.


Product Details

How does the Ascents® System work?

The Ascents® Diffuser utilizes ambient scenting technology to diffuse pure essential oil blends in the form of Ascents® Gels: the first-ever solid essential oil gels that perform like a liquid, with none of the drawbacks of bottled oils.

The active ingredients in Energize No. 17 have been studied in clinical environments as treatments for fatigue and lethargy. Lemon aromatherapy in particular is thought to work due to the effect of the organic compounds that comprise the oil -- such as limonene -- on human physiology.

It is believed that when inhaled, limonene triggers an increase in the feel-good neurotransmitter norepinephrine, resulting in an elevated heart rate and additional blood flow. This makes Energize No. 17 an ideal therapy for those who desire a revitalizing mood boost to help counteract sluggishness.

The Ascents® System requires no water or heat in order to initiate diffusion; therefore, the process does not alter the delicate, therapeutic compounds contained in our 100% natural essential oil formulas in any way. This cold diffusion delivery method ensures that the delicate active organic compounds found within the oils maintain their full therapeutic value. It produces no smoke or ozone, resulting in an exceptionally clean diffusion.

Key Benefits

  • Features ambient diffusion technology
  • Requires no heat or water to activate
  • Produces no smoke or ozone
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It took me a while to get feedback throughout my clinic, (but) they have been a big hit!

Lyn Freeman, PhD, BCLPC
Director, Department of integrative Medicine
Alaska Institute of Surgical and Medical Specialties

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Usage Instructions

  • Holding the Ascents Gel® cartridge flat with label on top, carefully lift lid to open.
  • Save lid for later storage; many Ascents® customers choose to utilize more than one formula daily.
  • Holding diffuser upright, insert the opened ascentsGel™ into the bottom of the Ascents® Diffuser, opened-side up with the gel surface facing the inside of the diffuser.
  • Twist the cartridge into place until it is locked.

Safety Notes

For additional information, including details about the Ascents® diffuser settings and other general usage inquiries, please see the Ascents® Diffuser manual.