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Article: Groundbreaking Ascents® Gels Clinical Aromatherapy Launches

Groundbreaking Ascents® Gels Clinical Aromatherapy Launches

As the global leader in clinical aromatherapy, Aeroscena® understands the importance of creating environments that enhance well-being, rather than detracting from it. Therefore it should come as no surprise that we have released the next generation of groundbreaking, therapeutic aromatherapy products: 100% natural, allergen-free Ascents® Gels.

Science continues to prove that scent has the power to positively affect many different aspects of wellness, from mood to blood pressure to memory. Aeroscena® is and always will be at the forefront of important clinical aromatherapy research as it pertains to better health, utilizing our 100% natural essential oil formulas.

Unfortunately, many products on the market, from room fresheners to perfumes, do not fall into the same category as Ascents®'s products do in terms of safety, quality, efficacy or purity. In fact, most of these products, which are almost always manufactured from synthetic chemicals, appear do more harm than good, according to research from a number of different well-respected individuals and organizations:

-- According to the Environmental Working Group, many fragrances are manufactured using chemicals “with troubling hazardous properties or with a propensity to accumulate in human tissues.”

-- About 1 in 10 people are estimated to have ongoing allergic reactions to chemical elements in fragrances, and these allergies are on the rise with 55 percent of Americans testing positive for at least one allergen.

-- Two percent of the population are not just allergic, but completely chemically intolerant. This heightened chemical sensitivity can be incapacitating in the most extreme cases. Chemically intolerant people are also more likely to experience panic attacks or develop major depressive disorder, according to a recent study conducted at two Texas family medicine practices.

-- Experts such as Charity Asthma UK have warned that products such as plug-in deodorizers and air fresheners contain synthetic chemicals that could trigger asthma attacks.

-- Dr Stanley Fineman, of the Atlanta Allergy and Asthma Clinic, says those with asthma are especially sensitive to chemical fragrances due to a change in lung function that occurs during exposure.

Unlike synthetic fragrance oils used in many so-called “aromatherapy” systems, Ascents® Gels are formulated with only 100% natural, therapeutic-grade essential oils. They are the latest advance in clinical aromatherapy; there is truly no other pure essential oil solid gel on the market that performs like Ascents® Gels do. Using absolutely no synthetic chemicals, we have instead opted for botanical essences that work in harmony with natural body chemistry to elicit beneficial, clinically-backed results.

Ascents® Gels are available in four different therapeutic scents :

-- Calm No. 34: To alleviate stress and and anxiety

-- Sleep No. 91: For relief of insomnia and restlessness

-- Focus No. 04: For increased concentration and mental acuity

-- Energize No. 17: To revitalize and refresh

When used in concert with our best-selling ScentCube ambient aromatherapy diffuser, Ascents® Gels yield a clean, hygienic, cold diffusion that produces no oil, smoke or ozone. They require no water for activation, last up to 30 days, and are suitable for use in home or commercial environments, including medical and dental clinics.

For more information about or to purchase the Ascents® clinical aromatherapy system, visit

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