Active vs. Passive Aromatherapy

Posted by Mark Kohoot on

Those familiar with the Ascents® website may notice a big change we've recently made to our navigation.  We've decided to divide our products by a new differentiator -- passive vs. active aromatherapy. 


We feel that the passive vs. active distinction is an important one for us, as Ascents® products fall into two very different categories:


  • Active clinical aromatherapy is any type of aromatherapy that is controlled solely by the individual affected by the symptoms they hope to treat.  Ascents® personal diffuser sachets are an example of active aromatherapy, as they are completely self-administered.
  • Passive clinical aromatherapy products are a hands-off way of altering or otherwise impacting the immediate environment via the power of scent, be it in a commercial setting, such as a medical or dental office, or even an individual's home.  Ascents®' ScentCube and corresponding ScentGels are part of a passive aromatherapy system that has proven to be especially effective in dental offices. 


We believe that by reorganizing around these distinct variables, we will enable our customers to make the best, most informed decisions for their individual health needs. 




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