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Article: Ascents® Teams with Cleveland Clinic for Pediatric Pain Study

Ascents® Teams with Cleveland Clinic for Pediatric Pain Study

When many people think of aromatherapy, they conjure up the idea of pleasant-smelling oils, sometimes released into the air by diffusion, other times applied to the skin in diluted or undiluted form.  Unfortunately, general beliefs regarding the efficacy of aromatherapy seem to hover somewhere between useless and something only hippies would use to treat real medical problems. Therefore, it is often surprising to those who haven't experienced the benefits of clinical aromatherapy that it is not only effective, but also scientifically studied and clinically backed.


Ascents® clinical aromatherapy is honored to be involved in important research regarding the use of essential oils to treat medical issues, in particular, those experienced by children and adolescents.


For instance, Ascents® is currently participating in a pediatric pain study in conjunction with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic and their Pediatric Pain Rehabilitation Program that aims to reduce patient discomfort via the use of essential oils.  This goal of the Cleveland Clinic program is to help adolescents manage their chronic pain, and ultimately restore daily activity to normal levels.  The program utilizes several different modalities of treating pain, including physical rehabilitation, behavioral health and pediatric subspecialty care.  


For those living with chronic pain, there can be devastating side effects, including the development of depression and anxiety -- two of the top concerns for those experiencing chronic pain.  The psychological impact can be devastating over the long term if not treated  with the same care and attention as physical pain.  Ascents® clinical aromatherapy is participating in the Clinic study as an adjunct therapy to traditional treatments such as those mentioned previously. Our objective is to help treat the physical pain naturally and thoroughly before psychological issues even begin to develop.


The use of essential oils as an effective form of inhalation therapy for anxiety reduction, nausea, insomnia and other medical issues has been documented in clinical studies.  It is our hope that clinical aromatherapy will yet again prove a viable treatment option, this time for pediatric chronic pain sufferers via the use of a new Ascents blend featuring Angelica archangelica oil.  If successful, it would give young patients a safe, natural means to control their chronic pain while avoiding costly, expensive maintenance medications such as anti-depressants and anti-anxiety drugs.


To learn more about Ascents® clinical aromatherapy, or to purchase Ascents products for personal or commercial use, visit


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