Dentist Info for In-Practice Use

Dentistry is a highly-competitive profession. In-office use of the Ascents® line of passive aromatherapy products is an effective way for dental professionals to differentiate their practice from others.  We welcome dentists to use the following information either on their websites, or as a printed flyer in their waiting rooms.



Our practice is pleased to offer patients the ultimate in relaxing aromatherapy via the Ascents® clinical aromatherapy system.

The use of clinical aromatherapy has been shown to greatly help patients who experience dental anxiety. It has been studied in clinical settings, including dentists’ offices, and research proves that aromatherapy eases anxiety quickly, and naturally.

As many as 30% of individuals experience dental anxiety in some form, ranging from mild to severe. Those unfamiliar with dental fear may think of it as a minor issue or an overreaction. In truth, a fear of the dentist can result in both dental health issues, and poor overall health as well.

Ascents® pure essential oil blends are allergen-free and scientifically formulated to elicit specific, positive emotions such as calm and well-being, even under circumstances that may normally be perceived as distressful.

We are proud to give our patients the opportunity to experience the Ascents® clinical aromatherapy system during each and every visit to our practice, and hope they will enjoy the benefits as much as we do!

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