Increase Dental Practice Revenue by Managing Patient Anxiety

Ascents®' clinical aromatherapy formulas are backed by research and proven to help reduce anxiety in clinical settings, including dental offices.

Boost patient recall, referrals and practice revenue with Aeroscena®'s cost-effective, hands-off wellness solutions.



Increase Dental Practice Revenue with ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy


Dental anxiety affects up to 75% of individuals, leading to a lack of regular dental care and the loss of potential revenue for dental practice owners.

Clinical aromatherapy has been proven to reduce patient anxiety in dental offices, and Aeroscena® has developed a simple, cost-effective way to deliver this natural therapy quickly and conveniently via their line of Ascents® clinical aromatherapy products:

-- Aeroscena® is the leader in clinical aromatherapy. We work with the world’s leading experts to develop the most effective formulas, and with leading medical institutions to prove their efficacy. 

-- Ascents® formulas are non-toxic, allergen-free, designed to enhance patient experience and have been created especially for dental, medical and other commercial settings.

-- The Ascents® diffuser features Ascents® Gels, which, due to their natural, perishable nature, are designed to be replaced every 30 days.

-- The Ascents® Starter System includes one diffuser and a choice of one Ascents® Gel for $149.00. Refills are available for $34.95, each, and eligible for monthly autoshipment via our convenient subscription program at 15% off the regular price.


Why choose Aeroscena® clinical aromatherapy products?

-- Easy-to-use, plug-in, scent-delivery systems with Ascents® Gel cartridges that last for 30 days.

-- Multiple scents to create a relaxing, spa-like atmosphere in office or clinical environments. We recommend the Calm No. 34 formula, featuring essential oils that have been shown to reduce dental anxiety in patient waiting areas. 

-- The only hands off, research-backed way to relieve patients' dental fear and anxiety in a clinical setting**.


How are Ascents® clinical aromatherapy products used? 

Our diffuser and Ascents® Gels are easy and intuitive to use, making them a simple way to create a soothing atmosphere in any office space:

First, select a scent delivery system: 

-- The Ascents® Diffuser -- Intended for spaces up to 600 sq. feet. Features a precise control for scent strength and a programmer timer for scheduled scent release.

Second, select an Ascents® Gel formula:

-- Ascents® Calm No. 34 is recommended for dental practices, and features essential oils* which have been shown via scientific research to decrease dental patient anxiety**. Four additional formulas are available as well: Energize No. 17, Sleep No. 91Focus No. 04 and Fresh No. 11. 



*Ambient odors of orange and lavender reduce anxiety and improve mood in a dental office.  J. Lehrner, G. Marwinski, S. Lehr, P. Johren, L. Deecke, University Clinic of Neurology, Medical University of Vienna, Austria Department of Medical Statistics, Medical University of Vienna, Austria.

**The effects of lavender scent on dental patient anxiety levels: a cluster randomised-controlled trial. Kritsidima M, Newton T, Asimakopoulou K. Source: King’s College London, Dental Institute, Denmark Hill, London, UK.


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