Aromatherapy for Hotels and Hospitality Environments

Ascents® commercial aromatherapy systems are used in wellness-conscious hotels and resorts around the world.


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Brand perception begins before the guest even walks through the door.  However, once a guest is on premise, one of the very first impressions of their surroundings is that which is generated via the scent environment.  Because scent is one of humanity's most powerful senses, it has the ability to influence many consumer behaviors, from mood to spending patterns; even their desire to return (or not).

As the premier source for clinical aromatherapy, we provide both private-label 100% natural signature scents and Ascents®-branded programs. This includes options for public spaces, such as hotel reception areas, and for individual guest rooms as well.

Hospitality groups interested in the therapeutic benefits of aromatherapy for their guests may choose from one of our four essential-oil based clinical formulas: Sleep No. 91, Focus No. 04, Calm No. 34, Energize No. 17 and Fresh No. 11. Custom formulas are also available for those seeking a natural "signature scent" for their facilities.

For hotels and resorts offering select goods for purchase, retail programs are offered in order to allow guests to bring signatures scents, or the wellness benefits of Ascents® formulas, home with them.


Why choose Ascents® commercial aromatherapy?

-- Easy-to-use, plug-in, scent-delivery systems with Ascents® Gel cartridges that last for 30+ days.

-- Multiple scents are available, including custom formulas, to help create the  environment and atmosphere that best matches a company's brand. 

-- Scent gels are based on our patented solid gel technology, requiring to heat or water to operate. There is no risk of mess, spills or fires. 



How are Ascents® commercial diffuser systems used? 

The Ascents® diffuser and Ascents® Gels are easy and intuitive to use:


ascent diffuser

First, select a scent delivery system: 

-- The Ascents® Diffuser: Intended for spaces up to 600 sq. feet. Features a precise control for scent strength as well as a timer for scheduled scent release.

-- Larger room technology, suitable for spaces such as lobbies and other common areas, are available by request. 


Second, select an Ascents® Gel formula:

-- Five standard formulas are available: Fresh No. 11, Calm No. 23, Sleep No. 91, Focus No. 4, and Energize No. 17.

-- Custom essential oil-based scents available by request.


Contact Ascents® to learn more about our commercial aromatherapy and scenting programs for hotels and hospitality groups. 

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