Ascents® clinical aromatherapy is used in leading healthcare systems around the world.


Headquartered at the innovations center of the Cleveland Clinic, Aeroscena® is the parent company of Ascents®, and the global leader in clinical aromatherapy. Aeroscena® develops only essential oil formulas that have a basis in scientific research for Ascents® products.  


Ascents® is the only aromatherapy that is Recommended by Doctors, Used by Hospitals®


ascents™ by Aeroscena® for Medical Environments

Ascents®' scientifically-backed formulas were developed in conjunction with medical experts.

These therapeutic blends exceed even the rigorous standards of quality and efficacy demanded by healthcare professionals. Every batch of essential oils we source undergoes gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis in order to ensure the level of product purity and potency required by healthcare professionals.

Both Ascents® personal inhalers and Ascents® Diffuser Systems are recommended for use in clinical areas including maternal health, renal care/dialysis, oncology/cancer care, and palliative care. 


Ascents® Inhalers: Patient-Initiated Symptomatic Relief


Ascents® Personal Inhaler

Ascents® clinical aromatherapy inhalers consist of 100% natural, full-strength essential oil formulas, packaged for easy use. They are intended for on-demand usage by patients seeking relief from symptoms including nausea, pain, insomnia and anxiety. Unlike traditional pharmaceutical interventions, there is no risk of overdose.


Ascents® inhalers diffuse pure essential oils oils via a unique system that was designed upon the principles of fluid dynamics. Utilizing special outer packaging to protect the oils from degradation, and a surgical foam inside to hold the oils, when squeezed, the dimensions of the inner pouch permit the release of precisely- metered doses of therapeutic scent.



Ascents® inhalers are packaged expressly for easy, mess-free and discreet use by patients.  They continue to dispense effective doses for hundreds of uses per unit, and maintain their efficacy for up to 30 days after opening. Intended for single-patient use to prevent the spread of disease. 


Ascents® Clinical Aromatherapy Diffuser Systems


-- Easy-to-use, plug-in, scent-delivery systems with Ascents® Gel cartridges that last for 30+ days.

-- Diffusers designed to withstand the rigors of commercial/clinical environments.

-- Scent gels are based on our patented solid gel technology, requiring to heat or water to operate. The closed system holds no risk of mess, spills, contamination, or fires. 

-- Intended for spaces up to 600 sq. feet. Features a precise control for scent strength as well as a timer for scheduled scent release to prevent scent habituation.

-- Four clinical formulas are available: Calm No. 23, Sleep No. 91, Focus No. 4, and Energize No. 17.



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