Olfactory Training Kits

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A number of scientific studies have demonstrated that in many cases people experiencing anosmia or other olfactory dysfunctions that cause loss or impairment of your sense of smell have been able to retrain their noses to be able to smell again.

Olfactory training is a relatively simple process that functions much like other sorts of training. In the same way that you might attempt a yoga position for the first time and not only not be able to do it, but think you might never be able to do it, with practice comes progress.

The process consists of systematically exposing the nose to two series of four distinct odors representing four of the main scent categories, as laid out in a theory known as the ‘Odor Prism,’ developed by Hans Henning in 1916.

The first series consists of Rose, Eucalyptus, Lemon, and Clove, and the second Peppermint, Thyme, Tangerine, and Jasmine. Ascents® always uses high-quality oils, because the essential oil market is unfortunately saturated with synthetic products that don’t have the same chemical constituents as pure oils, reducing or even eliminating their effectiveness.

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