Natural Relief from Holiday Stress

Posted by Shannon Eggleton on

The holiday season is upon us, and for many, this means a near-constant state of motion from now until January 1st. Layered on top of the fun and excitement that holiday activities bring can also be an unfortunate amount of stress and anxiety. Holiday stress and anxiety can be caused by many things, including overloaded schedules.  But it can be triggered by other factors as well.  Financial challenges, inflated expectations, lack of emotional support, poor quality sleep and even dietary changes can all add to the distress often felt around the holidays. In fact: The American Psychological Association (APA)'s 2011...

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Ascents® and Trauma Therapy

Posted by Mark Kohoot on

Ascents® have been exceedingly helpful with clients suffering from PTSD symptoms, such as, lack of concentration, anxiety, sleep difficulties and depressive symptoms.   As a trauma therapist and wellness advocate, I have offered the Aeroscena® aromatherapy packs targeting specific symptoms and have had very favorable feedback from clients on numerous occasions. The ability to engage and soothe the senses with trauma survivors is paramount in trauma focused clinical work.  Aeroscena® can provide a powerful and immediate connection to the present moment, and can be a gateway for emotional regulation all in a few compressions of the Aeroscena® pack!!  This same...

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Essential Oils, Purity and Grading

Posted by Mark Kohoot on

One of the more frequent questions I am asked when out talking with students and customers is "Are your essential oils organic? Or medical grade? Or therapeutic grade?" The truth is that any essential oil vendor that says that they are any of these things is simply using marketing buzzwords and not facts.  Essential oils in the United States are regulated by the FDA as cosmetics, and so they do not face the scrutiny of prescription or over the counter drugs. But the fact is that anyone peddling essential oils or blends can say whatever they like, and there is...

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Fun Facts

Posted by Nicole Kurtz on

 In the 1920s, French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefosse coined the term "aromatherapy." The story goes that during an experiment, Gattefosse burned his hand and had nothing nearby to soak it in except lavender. Apparently the lavender quickly healed the burn, spurring him to begin research on the science behind essential oils.    Iraq was perhaps earliest to use aromatherapy. Yarrow and knapweed (among others) were found near a Neanderthal skull – some of these plants are still used in medicine today.   in France, primitive man depicted therapeutic botanicals in drawings, an example of which can be seen in the caves of...

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